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01-02 October, 2012

Venue: Herkaus Manto str. 84, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Language of the conference: Russian / English

Conference "EastLink"


Conference” East Link” is organized in Klaipeda, Lithuania every 2 years. Theevent is gathering science and business institutions fromthe Baltic States, Russia,Kazakhstan,Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan, Kirghizia,Ukraine, Belarus and theEU.More than 200 participants are expected to attend the conference.

The conference creates an“EastLink” cooperation area that is based on the Eastern partnership programme, the EU and the new Central Asian cooperation strategy. The main goal of “EastLink” is to create and recreate new links of science and research cooperation, facilitate development of the Knowledge economy in the EU Eastern partnership geopolitical area and new EU Member States.

Constructing the new partnership from the experience of Euro integration processes,joint research, educational processesand better access to the EU and Eastern internal marketswill be an accelerator of the Knowledge economy in the Cooperation area.

To facilitate the Science and business cooperation in the Cooperation area Klaipeda Science and Technology Park together with partners is organizing the international conference “East Link 2012”.

Aims of the conference are to:

  1. Build a bridge between Education institutions in the East and West
  2. Facilitate joint Research projects
  3. Accelerate technology transfer processes in the Cooperation areas
  4. Facilitate business partnership

Content of the conference

1. From LAB to Market
The session “LAB to Market” is dedicated to present the research infrastructure and the case studies of successful research result commercialization. This session will gather Spin-off companies, commercially attractive research projects and research institutions. Thissession aims to promote commercial potential of the science and technology transfer processes.

  • Companies created by applying the result of the scientific research
  • Science institutions implementing commercial research
  • Technology transfer centers will present commercialization models and success stories
  • R&D departments from international corporations

2. Science has no borders
“Science has no borders”- thesession is dedicated to facilitate the cooperation between universities in an area of cooperation. Attendants will be presented with the up to date educational programs, joint educational projects and financial mechanisms for scientific and educational cooperation. The session aims to form partnerships and tools for better integration of science and research in a cooperation area.

  • Leading scientists from Maritime, Energy, Physics and Life sciences will draw trends in science and research development.
  • Representatives of scientific projects
  • Universities
  •  Financial mechanisms for scientific research and student exchange programs

3. Technology Market
With a view to introduce the conference to society and to expand facilities for presentations, appropriate conditions for participants will be provided for physical presentation – Technology Market. The event will be held in order to facilitate a Mach Making event, offer an opportunity for all participating institutions to present their capacities, technologies and business perspectives, create commercial and scientific partnerships.

Conference "EastLink 2010: The way to knowledge economy"

“EastLink’10: The way to knowledge economy” represents an excellent platform for east-linked cooperation and attracts the level and numbers of science and business representatives in combination with high-level political decision-makers.

Take your chance to become visible in new economic potential. The concept of “EastLink” cooperation is based on EU Eastern partnership policy and the new Central Asia cooperation strategy. The main goal of “EastLink” is to recreate and create new links of science, research and business cooperation in post-Soviet geopolitical area with the aim to strengthen competitive positions in global economic area. The special speakers will be discussing the following topics:

  • Science cooperation
  • Technology transfers
  • Creative industries

The international conference “EastLink” will gather East and West innovation experts, researchers, business leaders and policy makers providing them with a great opportunity to contribute to deeper and smoother cooperation between EU and East countries in the field of innovations.

Organization of the conference is supported by:

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